Written by Sean Pomposello / Directed by Christian Amato / January 5 - 29, 2012


Directed by Christian Amato and written by Sean Pomposello, B*tch is a simple story on the surface but then unfolds into the multiple layers that are widely identifiable. The show has a unique richness for an off, off Broadway show. It’s well worth a trip to the West Village.
— Lisa DiCarlucci, Downtown Magazine
The most notable attributes of B*tch are the chemistry of the cast and the fresh and proficient production team. The writer and director share an intuitive rapport. Amidst a sea of tired scriptwriters, B*tch bespoke revival. Pomposello shows dexterity, particularly with his balance of the Mametian perspective. At 24 years old Amato’s directorial adeptness is already making an impressive impact on indie theatre. Amato immaculately complements Pomposello, directing B*tch with beauty and balance.
— Hannah Agatston, Charged.FM