Written by Sean Pomposello / Directed by Christian Amato / October 4 - November 4, 2012


I had a blast at Barbicide, really enjoying the craft of Pomposello’s script and the expertise of Amato’s cast. Whether or not this is your first encounter with Sweeney Todd AKA Toddesco, there will be plenty to ignite the giddy impulse we all share to get spooked.
— BooYork
I have been a huge Arthur Aulisi fan for more than a decade now, but I’ve never seen him have the opportunity to show as much range and depth as he gets here in Barbicide. It’s a magisterial performance by one of indie theater’ great unsung heroes, and I hope a lot of people will get a chance to see it. Pomposello’s language in this play is gorgeous—vivid and imagistic, but entirely true to the earthy Italian Americans who populate the tale.
— Martin Denton,